Strategic Directions

Following the successful  Living Well in a Complex Life symposium held on 17 September 2014, it was decided that the impetus of the symposium outcomes could be used to regenerate the South Australian Self Management Alliance (SASMA) by delivering a planning and priorities workshop on Thursday 4th December 2014. The revised strategic priority areas align with the previous strategic aims, developments in health and Government direction. A copy of the document is available for download here SASMA planning and priorities workshop 2014_15

SASMA will focus on 4 priority areas.

Collaboration, Promotion, Relationships and Education

PRIORITY AREA 1 Collaboration


  • Centre of Collaboration
  • A united network and community of practice
  • Holistic – Mind/Body /Spirit/Place


  • Quarterly themed network meetings
  • Annual Symposium
  • Identify and implement a range of opportunities to work in partnerships



  • Be visionary
  • Be Visible


  • Develop an exciting, creative annual goal
  • Promote empowering events
  • Develop a mixture of audience directed events

PRIORITY AREA 3 Relationships


  • Build and maintain our community of practice
  • Engage and interact with our community of practice
  • Support citizenship within our community


  • Always be approachable, accessible, credible and incredible
  • Be intergenerational and inclusive in all actions
  • Support the community of practice

 PRIORITY AREA 4 Education


  • Inform
  • Educate
  • Transform


  • Deliver workshops that are experiential
  • Focus on wellness for all and be the foundation for self responsibility and self education
  • Provide information and tools

The 2010 – 2014 strategic directions was launched on Friday 19 February 2010.  A copy of the document is available
for download here Strategic Directions Final


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